About eReveal Technologies

eReveal-symboleReveal Technologies Pty Ltd is an Australian-based company specialising in the development and provision of innovative, client-driven solutions for electronic data retrieval, analysis and processing applications. As part of the TSW Global group of companies – leaders in forensic science technology and applications – eReveal Technologies benefits from a local and global network of resources, knowledge and expertise.

eReveal Technologies is the exclusive distributor of eFinder patented technology outside the United States.

eDiscovery Solutions
Digital Forensics
Malware Detection

TSW Global Group

TSW CompaniesTSW Global is an international group of companies with offices in Australia (Perth), Singapore, and the United States (Colorado).

TSW Analytical

For 10 years, TSW Analytical has provided research-based scientific services, solving complex problems that cannot be addressed through routine laboratory analysis. The company has grown to become one of the leading suppliers of forensic and analytical chemistry services in Australia and internationally. Clients are from a wide variety of industries, from mining and exploration, oil and gas, food and agriculture, through to law enforcement. The diversity of services encompasses:

  • Chemical Analysis
  • Forensic Science Investigation
  • Digital Forensics and Data Discovery
  • Biological and Entomological
  • Enviromental Chemistry
  • Education, Training and Consultancy

TSW Analytical developed TSW Traceā„¢ technology – a robust, definitive, tested and validated scientific method for establishing the provenance of an item.

TSW Institute for Applied Sciences

The TSW Institute for Applied Sciences provides a ‘one-stop-shop’ for forensic science education, training and research. The courses and their delivery have been developed to address the needs of both Australian and international markets, and cover postgraduate certificates and diplomas as well as vocational training.

The Centre for Forensic Science and the Centre for Food Security deliver the specialised courses developed by the TSW Institute for Applied Sciences.

Source Certain

Source Certain is a global service business applying the unique TSW TraceTM traceability technology and capabilities to the food supply chain. Source Certain delivers supply chain traceability services to the food sector, enabling clients to robustly and independently trace food along the supply chain to its point of origin. Source Certain offers a real security solution for supply chains and builds confidence, in turn developing trust with consumers.