No matter what your job role or organisation type, if you are involved in Digital Forensics or eDiscovery, a solution from eReveal Technologies will deliver tangible, measureable benefits:

Tick for eReveal - reduced Greater efficiencies and processing proficiency
Tick for eReveal - reduced Reduced turn-around times
Tick for eReveal - reduced Cost savings
Tick for eReveal - reduced Less disruption to employees
Tick for eReveal - reduced Productivity maintained
Tick for eReveal - reduced Highest standards to meet best practice expectations

Our services have been developed and refined from our experience with clients from Law Firms, Law Enforcement Agencies, Investigators, Corporate Entities & Government bodies.

For Legal Teams

Being a trusted adviser is the most crucial attribute for lasting business relationships.

At eReveal Technologies, we understand that the success of our business relies on enabling you – our clients in the legal industry – to keep delivering outstanding value to your clients. We understand that – to build lasting relationships – you need to provide advice on legal issues in the context of your clients’ business strategies.

Through our suite of unique and innovative solutions, eReveal Technologies will support you in delivering the very best quality advice and value to your clients.

Our game-changing eFinder software delivers the most efficient and cost-effective eDiscovery solution for legal firms, enabling remote and automated search and collection without disruption to – or detection by – system custodians.

These increased efficiencies can be leveraged by legal teams to undertake more timely, thorough and business-specific analysis and recommendation.