Cornerstones of eReveal Technologies’ Digital Forensic solutions

Digital Forensics - CornerstonesUnderpinning eReveal Technologies’ Digital Forensic solutions is a suite of new generation forensic tools, supported by an experienced team of digital forensic experts who understand the need to deliver only the highest standard of service.

The range of Digital Forensic products and services encompass:

Electronic Evidence and Data Recovery

With the eReveal Recovery tool, electronic data is recovered and restored from damaged and failed digital storage devices, for subquence use in legal proceedings, regulatory matters and private investigations.

Evidence Collection & Forensic Imaging

The eReveal Imager application enables a computer forensics professional to quickly and efficiently create a forensically exact duplicate of an entire target machine – a Virtual Disk Image – in an encrypted ASB format. It provides the ability to boot and image machines based on virtually any hardware and software combination, or operating system in use.

eFinder Forensic is a unique hybrid tool featuring aspects of both Digital Forensic and eDiscovery technologies, enabling fast triage tasks to be undertaken across a large number of systems, or for data to be collected in situations in which the creation of digital forensic images is impractical or unnecessary.

Analysis of Digital Media

eReveal Dissector is a desktop application designed for situations in which only the best tool will do. Developed from the technology that was used to investigate the 9/11 bombing, eReveal Dissector is now commercially available, bringing with it the capacity to handle and process massive amounts of potential evidence reliably and efficiently. It enables a user to process, review and analyse digital media, encrypted forensic evidence files (forensic images) without prior decryption, and other legacy image formats.

eReveal Dissector provides features such as indexing and searching, and multi-format file viewers to enable investigators to execute the quickest and most comprehensive analysis of the evidence possible. It also delivers many unique capabilities, such as recreation of Volume Shadow Copies, recovering deleted material from Volume Shadow and Ext2, 3 and 4.

Secure Storage, Preparation and Extraction of Digital Evidence

eReveal Vault provides an encrypted evidence store, allowing the investigator to generate and distribute critical evidence or eDiscovery results for review. The use of eReveal Vault allows the evidence to remain encrypted, and to be viewed on a Vault system without leaving retrieveable traces on the reviewer’s system or otherwise contaminating the review machine or infiltrating it with harmful processes that are part of the evidence itself under investigation. There is an immediate safe harbour of the data and the use of the process automatically creates a protected ‘legal hold’ environment.

eFinder Forensic provides three alternative approaches for the extraction and preparation of digital forensic evidence for subsequent review:

  • eFinderAPI enables any review tool or third party application to decrypt and extract eReveal Vault data directly into their own storage container, including all the associated metadata. This greatly increases the speed of ingesting collected data into a review tool.
  • eFinderExtractor provides a utility for the extraction of contents from eReveal Vault containers, suitable for third party review tools unable to use eFinderAPI. A number of different directory structures and various metadata options are possible.
  • eFinderExplorer provides a utility for the reviewing, indexing and processing of search results from eReveal Vault containers.

Digital Forensic Practice & Consulting Services

With the support of TSW Analytical, eReveal Technologies delivers the highest standard of Digital Forensic practice, encompassing:

  • Digital Forensic Examination Services – structured, thorough and timely examinations of electronic data and devices
  • Forensic Analytical Services – with clear and detailed reports.
  • Data Discovery and Legal Hold Services
  • Information Security Management
  • A range of Consultancy Services, including Expert Witness Services
  • Training Programs

Digital Forensic Process with eReveal Technologies

The deployment of a Digital Forensics solution from eReveal Technologies delivers the most efficient and cost-effective, thorough, secure and high-quality results possible.

Digital Forensics Process - with eReveal Tools