Cornerstones of eReveal Technologies’ eDiscovery solutions

eDiscovery - CornerstonesInnovative Technology

eReveal Technologies has exclusive rights to patented eFinder technology – the only technology developed specifically for eDiscovery applications rather than being adapted from digital-forensics software.

eFinder delivers more accurate, efficient and intelligent search results, reducing costs and turn-around times, without disruption to employee productivity. This is how:

  • eFinder only collects data that is relevant to the case, eliminating the need for time-consuming data indexing.
  • eFinder can be deployed without installation on custodian systems, enabling real-time searches with parallel-processing and minimal disruption to employees.
  • Responsive documents (including emails and their attachments) are located and collected without the time-consuming – and therefore costly –  requirement for complete digital images.

eDiscovery Practice & Consulting Services

With the support of sister company TSW Analytical, eReveal Technologies’ experts deliver the highest standard of eDiscovery practice, encompassing:

  • Data Discovery services – for both civil and criminal legal cases
  • Legal Hold services
  • Preservation Orders
  • Safe Harbor
  • A range of Consultancy Services
  • Training Programs

For more information on the eFinder difference, click here.

The eDiscovery Process with eFinder

eFinder delivers superior, efficient data retrieval, to minimise your costs and maximise your returns. eFinder is your solution for success.

eFinder - Improved Process