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eFinder patented technology – exclusive to eReveal Technologies – delivers more accurate, efficient and intelligent search results. What this means for you is reduced costs and turnaround times, without disruption to employees’ productivity.

eFinder's unique approach

Unlike other available technology, eFinder was developed specifically for eDiscovery applications rather than being adapted from digital-forensics software. The thinking was quite simple, but in effect revolutionary:

Only search for and collect the data that is actually useful to the case at hand:

In doing so, eliminate the need for time-consuming data indexing.

Eliminate the need for installation on custodian systems:

Enable searches to be conducted in real-time with parallel-processing and minimal disruption.

The eFinder Process

efinder Process - BasiceFinder gives you the power to rapidly and intelligently identify and collect the data you need, eliminating costly and burdensome low-value content. Here’s how:

Step #1: Define your search with eFinderDesigner

Define the search parameters that will be applied to the ESI (electronically stored information) using eFinderDesigner:

  • The configuration file you create will define responsive criteria and inform the executable where to search: in files, active email containers (such as PSTs), and archives
  • Narrow your search criteria with literal strings (more powerful than simple keywords), whole phrases, REGEX (regular expression) syntax, specific date ranges, file or email types, and other relevant categories.

Step #2: Run the search with eFinder.exe

Once deployed, eFinder’s intelligent executable undertakes real-time searching without the need for further human involvement and without the need for indexing:

  • Designed with full use of parallel-processing, eFinder.exe quickly locates responsive material throughout your organisation.
  • eFinder automatically stores all positive results in any location accessible to the custodian such as a network file share, locally-attached disk or a cloud-based storage location. eFinder can even send the data (if below a certain preset size) – together with progress notifications – via email using its own built-in mailer.

Step #3: Review, prepare and extract search results for the designated Review Tool

At this stage, eFinder provides three alternative approaches:

  • eFinderExplorer
    • A utility for reviewing, indexing and processing of search results from eFinderSK or eFinderVault containers.
    • Typically only used for review in smaller cases, to undertake a quick check of the data being collected for larger cases, or to review results lists.
    • Allows extraction and production of encrypted containers
  • eFinderAPI
    • Enables a review tool or third-party application to decrypt and extract eFinderSK or eFinderVault data directly into their own storage structure, including all the associated metadata.
    • Greatly increases the speed of ingesting collected data into a review tool.
  • eFinderExtractor
    • For 3rd-party review tools that cannot use the eFinderAPI, this utility extracts the contents of eFinderSK and eFinderVault containers.
    • A number of different directory structures and various metadata options are possible.

eFinder Product Suite

eFinder was originally designed and developed as an eDiscovery tool to address the shortcomings of existing technology and processes, thus providing a more efficient and cost-effective solution for data collection and extraction.

If there is suspicion of criminal fraud or malicious software to be investigated, simple add-ons to the base eDiscovery software transform eFinder into a powerful solution for Forensic and Malware applications.


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