The eFinder Difference

eFinder significantly reduces the cost and turnaround time for electronic data searches.

Efficiency – that’s the bottom line, and where eFinder out-delivers the rest. Whether you’re an in-house legal or IT team executing an internal data-search, or a legal firm conducting an ESI search on behalf of clients, your goal will be to reduce project time and costs while delivering maximum quality and accuracy of results with minimal disruption to employee productivity.

Using eFinder for data search and extraction yields significant flow-on benefits in subsequent processing and review phases of eDiscovery, dramatically reducing the volume of low-value data being handled. Cost savings are realised right through to final reporting.

What makes eFinder different?

Electronic Discovery Reference Model (EDRM)

Standard Model compared to eFinder Data Collection & Extraction process

Volume of low-value data DRAMATICALLY reduced, resulting in significant cost savings

 EDRM Process - Standard    eFinder - Improved Process

Unique eFinder features and benefits

Tick for eReveal - reduced   No installation required

  • eFinder runs entirely in memory and does not require installation on custodian machines in order to perform its tasks

Tick for eReveal - reduced   Execution without extensive training

  • If run manually a double-click on the executable is all that is required. The tool can also be deployed to run automatically across an entire network and be invisible to the end-users

Tick for eReveal - reduced   Secure viewing and sharing

  • Data is encrypted at every step in the search process and is stored in fully-encrypted output files.

Tick for eReveal - reduced   Easy deployment – across the globe – with a variety of run methods

  • Implement eFinder via email, a thumb drive, CD, login script or shared folder.

Tick for eReveal - reduced   Data gathering without disruption

  • Searches are done with minimal degradation to the machines’ processing or bandwidth, allowing employees to keep working without disruption.

Tick for eReveal - reduced   Real-time progress reports

  • Includes auto-generated emails.