eReveal Technologies’ Malware Detection solutions

Malware Detection - CornerstonesThe proliferation of malicious software – trojan horses, worms, viruses, spyware, adware and scareware – poses an ever-increasing threat to business and government organisations, with the potential to cause significant damage to operations through disruption of computer systems, or access to and theft of sensitive information.

To accomplish its goals, malware must be able to run without being detected, shut down or deleted. Various techniques of concealment can be employed – alone, or more commonly in combination – to avoid detection and analysis. This can pose a significant challenge in the fight against malicious software – a challenge that can be over-come through deployment of an eFinder Malware solution.

eFinder Malware looks deep into the heart of an operating system. It scans the entire collection of operating system, application and user-created files, probing for executable code that may be malicious. A list of all identified files is generated for review together with the option to safely collect the files themselves for detailed examination.

The unique benefits provided by eFinder Malware include:

  • No installation is required on custodian systems – disruption free, detection free.
  • Searches are done without degradation to machines’ processing or bandwidth – no loss to employee productivity
  • Access to files that are in-use, including email.
  • Remote, automated search. Can be deployed using a web-browser.
  • Execution without extensive training – a double-click is all it takes to get eFinder.exe searching.
  • Fast results

For more information on how eFinder works and the advantages to be realised, click here.